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eMail Marketing Mistakes

Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Email Marketing Strategy

On average, 7 percent of customer acquisitions come from email marketing. Keep your company booming by staying away from common email marketing errors.

Making It Difficult to Unsubscribe

Have you ever attempted to unsubscribe from an email list only to find that the firm makes you jump through hoops? This will annoy customers, and in the end, many will simply mark an email as spam to ensure they don’t have to see further correspondence. This makes major email providers feel that you are spamming people, and this could lead to your marketing messages actually going right to spam folders everywhere.

Inconsistency isn’t a Tactic

Companies that do not generate a consistent marketing strategy are losing the race before they can get started. Customers have to be aware that something is always going on. Don’t send so many emails that it is aggravating, but undoubtedly have a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter.

Not Testing Out Emails

Marketing messages need to be tested before they are sent to customers. That way, if there are graphic or formatting errors within a message they can be fixed prior to being viewed by actual customers. Deliver test emails to several servers, like outlook, gmail, and yahoo, to look at the formatting that the recipient might find on their end. Using this method you know your final product looks professional and is truly sending the right message.

Recent studies found email marketing accounts for practically 7 percent of customer acquisitions. Do not let your numbers lag by making avoidable errors.

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