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Upcoming Marketing Tendencies that can Change Everything

Numerous advertisers can remember a time when no one knew what YouTube or Facebook even meant. Just like all sites, they had to start from the ground up and build their popularity. The same holds true for Snapchat, which now has over 100 million monthly active users. That means that every one of these people can be reached with real-time marketing, which can be huge in the advertising world.

Snapchat is Blowing Up

Most marketers know the importance of social network giants and video sites like Facebook and YouTube. Of course, these sites were once simply undiscovered corners of the web. This is the case for Snapchat also, but the site has quickly expanded to more than 100 million monthly active users. Combining so many eyes with the perfect potential for real-time marketing means Snapchat is one of the marketing trends to watch.

Ad Blockers Will Help Make Life Difficult

There used to be a time when no one knew how to stop pop-up ads. Fortunately, that time has come and gone. These days there are tools which will block ads entirely. This does not mean that the fad of paid ads is over, but you will have to update your marketing strategy to ensure that your content provides real value.

Mobile Isn’t Going To Be Valuable, It’s Going To Be Essential

Those in retail have already recognized that mobile marketing is vital to their strategies, but marketers in other industries have been slower to come around. Well, it’s make or break time for all industries. Nearly 2/3 of Americans now own smartphones, and 10 percent actually access the internet solely on these devices. The future is now, so do not be the one left in the past.

Staying abreast of all trends is essential when running a business. Be sure to stay on top by paying attention to the marketing world.

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